[No:321][Kathleen]  [99/1/31  12:38:34] [Comment Number-3] 
does anybody even come here?

[No:322][Matthew]  [99/2/2  10:37:48] [Comment Number-9] 
Kathleen..this used to be a fairly active website but all the regulars have dropped off. I believe the inquisitive failed to find any common interest...largely due to the fact everyone here seems to pursue interests so esoteric no one else can match up with them. Nevertheless, should you wish to converse about DeSade...drop me an e-mail...take care...Matthew

[No:323][Jeanette]  [99/2/3  11:51:8]  []
Hello all. Been a while. Thought I would update some old chums. Here is my new page. The other got deleted due to content and a complaint from someone who asked for something. So, this one is still in progress. I'm working on some computer studies so I can get a networking job. I got my nipple pierced. And just got a job here in Vegas at the Palomino (total nude, plus alcohol). If you are coming to Vegas email me and I will let you know my schedule. Just started working there and I love it!!!!!! Take care sweeties.

[No:325][Claud]  [99/2/11  15:24:51]  
Anyone know anything about what happened with Sade's grave at Charenton asylum, or can point me towards info on same (especially a picture)? Ran across a bit in someone's poem on the Web -- "According to Sade's biographer / many of the tombs at Charenton were opened / and a Dr. Ramon obtained possession of Sade's skull. / He lent it to a phrenologist who promised / to return it but apparently / 'lost it somewhere in America.'" This is, obviously, enormously intriguing, but can't immediately locate any other data. Much thanks if anyone can help --

[No:326][Anicius]  [99/2/13  13:43:46]  []

Matthew...Just so you know, I, Anicius, am the same person who used to post here under the name "Laird Ruthven"...simply a change of handle, as it were. Click on the above link to see from whence the new name came. I really like the feminine version..."Anicia".

[No:327][Neil]  [99/2/15  11:5:27]  
This is more of a request for information.
I'm writing a dissertation on sadism and sexual deviation. Does anyone out there now if Sades' theory that 'since sexual deviation and criminal acts exist in nature, they are natural', was a theory he explored academically, other then physically. Is there any literature he produced examining this theory, or was it just an observation. I would appreciate a reply from anyone.

[No:328][Cajal]  [99/2/16  9:29:0] [Comment Number-328] 
I bet de Sade is now burning in hell..but i don't fell sorry for him..cause i'm sure he likes it ..

[No:330][raven]  [99/2/18  10:37:51]  
Hello all!!!! my but it has been a long time since my last visit marches quickly and sometimes it is difficult to free ones self from the raging swells!!!!! Well i had my years eve!!! a girl...sweet as a cherub!!! Im also getting married to my Master in two days!!!!!! I only see two people here who ive known previously...i hope to make new friends also...ive joined # is 31553795. 'til next time.....

[No:332][Jeanette]  [99/2/21  12:48:25]  
My host's sever broke so it will be a while before I get the page up and running. I'm switching to NT and Linux pretty soon. Plus working and been to busy to do the page.

I am working on a philosophy called Visionism if anyone would care to read it and email be a critique I would appreciate it. You can find so far what I have written at Take care guys. Congrats on the baby and upcoming wedding raven.

[No:334][Tony]  [99/2/23  7:0:15]  
Nice site, with some interesting comments. If anyone would like
to read an essay I wrote recently exploring the link between
Sade, female sexuality, and the I Ching - drop me a line.

[No:335][ph.s]  [99/2/24  7:2:40]  
well, good...god
un site japonnais pour mr.D...
sade contre l'estre supreme...le vois, sade for ever.

[No:336][Sean Pier/ie]  [99/2/27  11:16:39] [Comment Number-23] 
THERE WAS NO SUCH PERSON AS THE MARQUI de SADE.He is only a ficticious character such as Dracula or Frankenstein's Monster.

[No:338][Raven]  [99/3/5  9:31:55]  []
Jeannette, well my hat comes off to you!!!!! Linix is a bit tricky...we run a dual OS linix and windows 95. It was a lot of work getting them set up. If you need some help just write and I'll see what I can do. Thank you for your well wishes.The wedding was wonderful, as was the wedding night, but now he is gone into the Navy. He will be there for 8 more weeks and then we will be moving there, from there to Europe. As for there not being a Marquis de Sade, unlike Dracula, who is a fictional character, the Marquis has been well documented in history. I believe that you made that commentjust to receive a response. toodles all.

[No:339][Anicius]  [99/3/6  12:41:3]  

Just a quick comment...The reality of de Sade is not even an issue as such ignorance of simple history is beyond the pale of commentary deserving a reply. Regarding Dracula, though the famed Dracula of Stoker's novel is obviously a fictional creature, it was partially inspired by a combination of the legends surrounding the historical character, Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia (in modern Roumania) 1431-1476 [Son of Vlad II Dracul ("the Dragon"), "Dracula" meaning son of, or lesser, "dragon"] and the legends surrounding the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Both of whom were historical persons.

Just my quick two cents worth...

[No:340][Jay]  [99/3/8  5:18:44] [Comment Number-340] 
I am a postgraduate student currently working on a thesis (the
details of which I will not bore you with) to which the theme of
sexual deviance is of not inconsiderable relevance. Should anyone out there care to engage in discourse (I am also considering
setting up a mailing list) I would be more than happy to oblige;
I have grown extremely interested in the subject. Drop me an

[No:341][Kye]  [99/3/9  16:33:32]  
hello everyone...I'm sorry to bother...but in over a thousand finds for Marquis de Sade....I'm swamped....I've found french versions (on this site)....but is there anywhere online to find english versions of De Sade's works?....I would really like to read them....but have not been able to find any :(
if someone could help me out....e-mail me I am in the middle of a big move (CT,usa to Australia) and I won't have the chance to spend much time online for a while....thank you very much!!