[No:228][Jeanette]  [98/9/15  7:44:48]  []
where is everyone? Well, I got my page up and running, I wrote a poem about that dessert i previously mentioned. Check my page to read it. Take care.

[No:229][Mark de Webber]  [98/9/15  14:53:58]  
Hello, I'm a big fan of Pier Paolo Pasolini's SALO. I'm a film director myself, and I also love films such as A Clockwork Orange and most Kubrick films. If anyone wants to chat with me about SALO, you can email me whenever you feel like. Ciao.

[No:232][Raven]  [98/9/17  10:56:0] [Comment Number-2] []
Greetings all! Sorry for the long lapse in my response but unfortunately I have been quite ill. This isnt going to be a lengthy commentary but I just wanted to touch base and assure everyone that I still breathe! I will return again soon to join in the lively conversation. Until then take care all

[No:235][Jeanette]  [98/9/20  12:49:0]  []
hi Raven sorry to hear ur ill. Where is Laird? Check out my page an read the latest poem. Well, I had my dessert. Shame on my temptations, but I can't deny my thirst. I will have to write another poem re: lastnight . I know this doesn't relate to Sade but does anyone know where I find some public pgp keys for some bo plugs I got? l8er ppl.

[No:236][Laird Ruthven]  [98/9/21  4:19:44] [Comment Number-236] 

Hello Jeanette, believe it or not, I am still around, though admittedly I haven't been recently. I looked arund through your site, "ultimate cyberslut" eh? LOL. Perhaps in your WANF intro, you should rephrase "Here in the U.S., I continuously see laws with too many loopholes" to say, "Here in the U.S., I continuously see too many laws." :-)

Anyway, has anyone ordered any of the translated de Sade plays that we all, presumably, received e-mails about?

[No:237][Jeanette]  [98/9/21  5:58:51]  []
Yeh, I suppose I need to rephrase some things. I am not perfect in composition. I wrote a poem about my dessert. If you all wish me not to put poems on here, just let me know and I will discontinue. Not enough time for me to do the html for my page yet.


Walking together,
Sky full,
Stars, lights,
Yet, gone unnoticed.
Overlooking the world,
Touching the universe.
We touch,
Feel, hold,
Holding my heat,
Moist within.
You fill me.
Your tongue grazes my breasts.
Breathing deeper,
Your inside.
Nothing exists,
Cept our existence.
As one,
Pleasures fill,
Burning deep,
I pull you in.
The cool air,
Brushing our art,
Art of love.
Tingling my treasures,
I squeeze from pleasure.
I breathe.

I have better ones, but since this is sort of sex and all forms, I figured I would give you a taste. Sorry if you don't want it on here.

[No:239][Laird Ruthven]  [98/9/22  10:35:28]  

Jeanette...I wouldn't worry about putting your poetry on this discussion board, in that I guess Raven, you, and I, are the only regulars on here and there doesn't appear to much conversation going on right now. So, I have no objections, and I rather doubt anyone else will either.

[No:240][Laird Ruthven]  [98/9/22  10:53:26]  

QUESTION: To those who choose to respond...
After reviewing a great deal of the popular imagery surrounding the noble Marquis, I would like to know what most people's first thought about him is (confined to those familiar with the man and his works)...was he a philosopher of merit who you appreciate, or was he merely a pervert with whom you share the perversions he wrote of?

postscriptum: I use the term "perverse" in the modern social context, though when observing cats or the praying mantis, one can't help but ask, is not modern sexual morality actually a perversion of nature?

[No:242][Matthew]  [98/9/25  10:8:53] [Comment Number-4] 
Jeanette, no one accessing this site will seriously be offended by your poetry. You can never have too much dessert and just when you think you may have lost the taste, I am sure you find a way to sweeten the aspect. As for Laird's question...I am sure most young men were attracted to DeSade for reasons of titilattion...all that sex with so many wondrous partners and all that ripped up flesh....

[No:243][Jeanette]  [98/9/25  12:28:15]  []
Hi all, been kinda busy. Wrote a poem on Submission. See my page. I will write more another time.

[No:244][Jeanette]  [98/9/25  16:35:3]  []
Pervert? No, he had a fine education and carries himself well. Not only that, but he says what he believes. Most of us hide behind judgement and cower in fear of ridicual. But I became interested in him because of the sex. Even my poem "Submission" is still reserved. Eventually, I will be comfortable and allow myself to write more explicitly. For a beginner, I guess it is pretty descriptive. I can't type up my poems in here. I have been writing about 3 a day lately. My fans crave it. And "Submission" is a 4 page poem. I could get annoying by writing poems in here. But you are welcome to view them on my page and drop me an email critiquing (?spelling) my writing. I don't go by standard rules of poetry. So if you are going to complain that I don't rhyme then don't bother. But if you want to ask where I got the idea, I'd be glad to tell. Take care luvs.

[No:246][Raven]  [98/9/26  13:44:9] [Comment Number-3] 
Greetings and salutations!!! Again i apologize for my long absence...perhaps I should explain...I am 6 months pregnant and have been having a difficult time of it so times are few when I am at my computer but I do still pop in occasionally. To Jeanette...Please don't worry about placing your poetry here...I have no problem with it...I too am a poet. I enjoy your work and rest assured that my poetry doesn't rhyme either. You don't write poetry for others to understand...It comes from your soul and if a few enlightened people get it then that is a beautiful thing , but if not then there really isn't any loss as you wrote it for yourself anyway...If something so personal were written purely for commercial purposes then it isn't "REAL" anyway..I've also written several short stories and dozens of erotica stories...i'm thinking of adding them to my page...I'd be interested in any suggestions...well I guess I was quite long winded wasn't I? =) To I didn't order any of the translations...I don't answer spam. As to how I was first drawn to De Sade...I saw a movie called "Wax Works" where he whips a girl until she climaxed and it has entrigued me every since. I have had the pleasure of experiencing that first-hand now though thanks to the loving administrations of my boyfriend! well Again I must say goodnight...til next time......

[No:247][Laird Ruthven]  [98/9/26  18:48:0] [Comment Number-247] 

Hello all...I'm just coming in from a fun filled
evening of alcohol induced fun, and now I am kickiing
back, answering e-mail, listening to "My Dying Bride" and LYCIA (Ionia) and Love Spirals Downwards. This site, being one of the very few I check on a regular basis, I have decided to respond, though I disclaim any and all type-o's and/or poor phraseolgy by attributing them to poor judgement after a night of drinking. :-)

Anyway, Matthew (#242)...Yes, I suppose you may well have a point regarding the attraction of single men to de Sade, but how many are willing and able to accept that the man was considerably more than a porno writer? I guess such a question is rhetorical in nature, so feel free to ignore it...anyway, thanks for answering my question.

Jeanette, my dear, you wrote, "Most of us hide behind judgement and cower in fear of redicule" Clearly, concisely, and excellently put. Such a statement beautifully expresses a truth that presumably most de Sade fans are quite familiar with. Sadly, and such is a flaw of mine own personality, I am a literary snob. I spent a bit of time in jail in Florida, during which time I expressed myself through poetry; however, simple emotional outpourings did not occupy enough time, so I challenged myself to make similar expressions with rhyming endings, and this still was not enough. Finally, I expressd my poems in 14:10 verse, meaning that every line was either 14 syllables or 10 syllables, and I tried, to alternate them per line. With but few exceptions, I succeeded in this goal, and ever since that time, I have been a critic of not only only substance, but also form and style. However, I sincerely hope you do not take my (meaningless) criticism too seriously. Until my jail time in Florida, all of my poetry was of the same ilk, although perhaps longer as I would have page after page of emotional outpourings in the form of verse; Rhyme, style, and form notwithstanding. I sincerely hope you are not offended by my remarks, and perhaps the following suggestion is over stepping my bounds, but might I suggest that you give the notion of short stories a try? I am under the impression that your style would be more expressive through such a media.

Anyway, my criticism being what it is, the half sober ramblings of a person of no consequence, pleaase take no offense. As I can safely assure that none is intended, and critique notwithstanding, I still have no objection to you placing your poetry on this site. :-) friends?

Raven...I completely understand the pregnancy issue complicating your ability to frequently visit us. Will your child be a boy or a girl? Or perhaps you've shied away from such an ultrasound? Anyway, I understand your reluctance to be be a regular around here and sincerely wish you all the best. However, I hope you opt to return once you become a mother.

Are any of you fans of Black Tape for a Blue Girl?

[No:248][Jeanette]  [98/9/27  9:0:14]  []
Laird, yes we are still friends. I appreciate your ciritism, only because you didn't say I suck. LOL. Anyways, I don't go by rules of poetry. I think it limits me, and I want to express, not be bound by rules. In the future maybe I will write a short story. I have been thinking on continuing my story and expanding it. Not the life story, but a different one similar to how Gibran (my favorite writer) writes.

Raven, I hope you are not having complications with your pregnancy. I have 6 kids so if this is your first you can ask me questions you might be having.

Re: my sex life. Much of my poetry glamourizes reality a bit. My boyfriend is being a distant asshole, so I will probably dump him and find a new one. My sex life with hubby is getting interesting. I think he really likes the spanking thing. Called me bad girl today. I came, so obviously doesn't bother me too much. Ok, not at all.

Well, I shall go for now.
Laird you sound like someone who doesn't like to limit themselves, constantly searching for more. Cool, I am that way. I am a sponge, constantly absorbing my enviroment.

[No:249][Matthew]  [98/9/27  9:21:21] [Comment Number-4] 
As far as this poetry issue is concerned: Jeanette, I would remind everyone, including your friendly critics, that neither Ezra Pound nor T. S. Eliot felt the constraints of form, though you may try, for stylistic as well as content, reasons to work some literary illusions into your writing. As a published poet, I can tell you most of the writing today takes place in a form similar to what you exampled several comments ago amd also on your page. Keep up the work and as far as the boyfriend...dump him or find an additional offering...someone you can really bang with. I will refrain from adding any of my own poetry to this message but I may send you one or two for a personal critique. Raven, whipped until you came? What fun! Laird...imbibe as much and often as you only live once (dead metahpor intended). As far as prison...any experiences you wish to share? Take care one and all.

[No:250][Jeanette]  [98/9/27  13:28:6]  []
I am back.

Matthew, I would love for you to send me some of your writings. I will also keep in mind working on my literary illusions. But I do refuse to use a thesarus. I have only recently started writing poetry again. I am sure I will get better as time goes on. Thankyou for the input.

As far as my page goes. Weekends are my time to experience and during the week I write. So don't look for anything new til the week.
Take care.

[No:251][Jeanette]  [98/9/27  14:34:45]  []
I must not have "sent" last post.

Matthew, would love to read ur work. The more I write, the better i will get at the illusions. Just recently picked it up (Sept. 11, 1998). I wrote a little in school but been a while. Plus I refuse to use a thesarus. It would make things sound better instead of so raw. But I also think it is fake and not me. We'll see if I ever dip in that genre of writing.

[No:252][Laird Ruthven]  [98/9/27  15:38:33] [Comment Number-251] 

Jeanette...I'm quite happy to see that you didn't take offense to my earlier remarks. As Matthew truthfully points out, your poetry is very much in line with the modern trends, my objections merely come from the fact that my taste in poetry runs more toward traditional Victorian. Luckily, reason dictates that no man can be faulted for nothing more than his individual tastes, or lack thereof.:-)

Six kids? Now that is quite a brood. How do you time to have sex, much less write? :-)

Yes, I suppose your assessment of my personality is just. I am constantly seeking out new challenges and I despise any and all variations of confinement and/or limitation placed upon me from elsewhere. For example, right now I am engaged in a serious research project for the composition of my first book, though the subject matter has nothing of interest to this discussion board.

Matthew...Your observations about Pound and Elliot are well taken and I'll just leave it at that.

No, I wasn't in prison, just county jail for about ten months. There does exist a considerable difference. I suppose my aversion to confines and limits, as mentioned above, has gotten me into a considerable amount of trouble, especially when I was younger. I've never been to prison, but I have been the guest of a number of jails at one time or another. 'Tis the price of being a passionate person I suppose. In retrospect, my life is a testament to the validity of Bovee's little quip, "Passions are like fire, useful in a thousand ways and dangerous only in one, through their excess.":-)

Until the next time...

[No:256][Jeanette ]  [98/9/29  6:4:56]  []
My last posting to Laird did not "Send" and I wrote it Sunday morning (9-27-98). Someone should look into this.

I am not a student of poetry. Please forgive my ignorance in not knowing what Victorian is.

Writing, is, for some reason easy to me. I recently wrote a new one "My Mind's Eye: Twenty-Seventh of September" I hope you all enjoy it. It appears that my dessert no longer wishes for me to be his appetizer. Or maybe that is all he wished for, instead of seven courses. My heart is crushed, but life continues. I may be writing a few dark ones due to the recent events. Eventually, I will come upon another passionate inspiration. Till then, enjoy my misery, as I drown in self-pity.

[No:257][Jeanette]  [98/9/29  11:37:51]  []
My life is somewhat bliss, at least better, in my confused world. My thoughts are so complex, I wonder if their are many others that think on such levels. Yet, still, I behave like a child sometimes. My problem? I have many. One is how do I know if someone is sincere? Can a man really feel inlove with someone after a few dates? Is there love at first sight. I swore (after my ex) that those feelings are just infactuation. Then I ran the other way. Yet, those intense feelings have caught up with me. I try to run, yet, for some reason I am running in place. Why must I psycho analize everyone I meet? Why can't I just enjoy life?

Ok, sorry, had a temporary lapse in sanity.

[No:259][Raven]  [98/9/30  11:39:27] [Comment Number-4] []
To Jeanette, My dear I can empathize dearly with your momentary lapse of sanity. I too have often felt this way. To this day I analyze everything to death about my relationship. I imagine it comes from a lifetime of having one's heart trampled on. Beware though lest your cynicism cloud your vision so much that you cant see the good when it comes to you. I did the same thing with my boyfriend I tried everyway possible to run from him, to push him away and finally, through his love and understanding, he has managed to break down all of my protective walls. I loved him from the time I first saw him...of course we had been communicating via the phone and computer for awhile first. Anyway, enough of my rantings. Thank you all for your kind wishes towards my child...btw it is a boy. Ill come again soon.

[No:260][Jeanette]  [98/9/30  13:41:31]  []
Raven- thankyou sooo much!!! {{hug}} That is exactly what I have been doing. Where I got the idea for my poem "My Mind's Eye". I met mine on a page guest book of a shared interest. Then it was phone, to in person. I was just drooling. We hugged goodbye, and I could feel it. But the passion gets so intense, that it scares the crap out of me. I am married, I shouldn't even be seeing this guy, yet, I am addicted to him.

"literary illusions" Who suggested that? I can't recall. I assumed you were meaning: expand and describe a little more. My hubby (giving that I am self-taught, not formal),to put it in lamen terms, explained "literary illusion" means to use a actual person, like "Tom Sawyer" and include it. Which were you referring? Why would I write about a character of someone else's imagination? Forgive my bold rude response, but why? why? why? Please explain, if I see your point, I may explore that realm.

[No:261][Laird Ruthven]  [98/9/30  13:51:23]  

Jeanette...Just so you know, the "literary illusions" suggestion was Matthew's, the short story suggestion was mine. To bad your other response didn't make on the board.