Marquis in Spades

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
from the "Zero" single (1996)

And I'd love you to notice that I'm devoted
to destroy for no one
now it's that time again, to take revenge
on all the debutantes and their friends
the bitter charlamagnes, so self-absorbed
the bodily remains such a bore
was I good enough to break you?
and all i see is empty, 'cause now i'm one of them,
so adored
the slink of impotence that money can afford
we know who you are and where you live
is your innocence all that you can give?
was I good enough to break you?
in the back of the car the angel dust was given back to the stars
and in this fall from grace
we'll meet again, another time, another place
I've been down deep in you and me
let's see where we can go
barbed wire
fuck you

(information by Suzanne)

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