Philosophy in the Bedroom

la Philosophie dans le Bourdoir

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REVIEW: by Justine

La philosophie dans le boudoir torturee est son chef d'oeuvre parce que pour l'駱oque il posait sur le plan philosophique les bases de l'h馘onisme, le rejet de l'hypocrisie catholique la joie et la libert� d'aimer sa sexualit�,parce qu'il n'avait pas peur de clamer bien haut son homosexualit�. J'ai aim� ses exagerations comme le p駭is enorme du jardinier pour depuceler la jeune fille la sodomie de tous les partenaires et meme le chatiment de la mere qui enfin va jouir sous la torture 駘oge du SM

REVIEW: by MelodyLee

This is to de Sade's body of work what _Memnoch the Devil_ is to Anne Rice's--an excuse to air his personal beliefs through the dialogue of his characters. Fortunately, the resemblance ends there. It covers a wide range of sexual "deviations", as "Eugenie", a young virgin, is corrupted and led down the path of ill-repute. ...Or something like that. The high point comes when she takes revenge on her very pious mother. Thrown into the middle of the text is a (not exactly) brief socio-political piece called "Yet Another Effort, Frenchmen, If You Would Become Republicans". ...It seems a bit out of place, but informative, if you're interested in Sade's views on politics and society as a whole.

REVIEW: by , 07/17/97
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_Philosophy in the Bedroom_ is the about two men and a woman who quite thoroughly pervert a fifteen year old virgin. The most notable thing about this story is that a substantial portion of it describes Sade's sociopolitical philosophy.

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