The Architecture of Desire


The Sleeping Palace

by M. Orlando

The author M. Orlando has recently published two books of fiction, each comprised of several novellas, which were inspired by Sade. This set of books are, "The Architecture of Desire" and "The Sleeping Palace".

A.O.D. contains an wonderful novella entitled "The Hotel Justine" in obvious homage to the master; while S.P. begins with a quote from 120 Days. Orlando's work has been critically acclaimed worldwide by such publications as Skin Two (London) and Schlagzeilen (Hamburg).
Although A.O.D. is hard to get, those interested can contact the publisher, Masquerade (New York City) at their website -- or at 1.800.458.9640.

I believe the readers of SADEMANIA will be delighted with Orland's writing which is characterised by Sade's elegance of prose and dark humour as well as explicitness.

information by the author, M. Orlando

The Architecture of Desire is a sensual world where the girls are corrupted aesthetically.
I couldn't help being fascinated with their erotic, dengerous and beartiful adventures.

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