Artist: Nature Album: -same- 1995
Zoo Entertainment: NY

In a Shangri-La de Sade on the westside
I came across a canceled relic from '85
Said the licorice whip to the red vine: come down...
She said I used to be a star, do you remember me?
Said yes, I always wanted to fuck Mallory...and now, if you're of
A mind for lubricity...come down...
Justine - that name brings something to mind; something I
Read one time. You're not so libertine, but come Sunday
You'll be mine.
Said I can put you right in line for a juicy role,
But first you've got to take a turn at the glory hole
Until you're fit to be tied to the May pole; come down...
Now by the time the cloak of dark has descended
You know I know you'll be begging me to end it
Yeah, but your protestations only make it splendid.

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