A&E Biography Series - Marquis de Sade: The Depraved Aristocrat

Time 50 Minutes/VIDEO

He spent much of life in jail for the perversions he recounted in his famous writings. His name has entered the language as a definition of sexual cruelty. Donatien Alphonse Fran´┐Żois was a sick man, but he made no bones about it. In a series of scandalous and long suppressed books, he celebrated deviant sexual activities and challenged every aspect of civilized authority-the church, the government and all social restraints.
BIOGRAPHY descends into the depths of the human psyche with this unflinching look at the life of the notorious nobleman some celebrate as a pioneering thinker for his absolute rejection of the constraints of society. Follow his many trips in and out of jail, and examine the notorious writings-and practices-that secured his place in history. And meet a descendant of the infamous Marquis who reveals what it is like to live with the name de Sade! This is a compelling look at the depraved aristocrat whose lascivious behavior brought him infamy, and whose shocking writings earned him immortality.

(This video can be found at: http://amrvideo.com/new)

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